Holistic Impact Partners, LP is the first impact investment fund organized by HIP Management, LLC to provide capital and strategic guidance to early stage companies delivering superior products and services that make a positive impact on society. In return, investors in the fund receive both a revenue share and equity stake in each company.   

The portfolio consists of synergistic brands from various socially responsible sectors, including the organic food and beverage industry, non-toxic household cleaning products, herbal remedies and supplements and disruptive green technologies targeting the natural lifestyle consumer, corporate and non-profit markets.   

HIP is managed by a team of world class executives and its brands are managed by innovative entrepreneurs in their respective industries. 

The brands in HIP’s portfolio benefit by the operating capital and strategic support provided by HIP to succeed. For investors, HIP is both an income and equity growth fund. For consumers (and society in general), HIP’s brands provide new and useful products and services for a healthier, happier and more peaceful world. 

HIP Management is currently offering Membership Interests in HIP to accredited investors only through the HIP Private Placement Memorandum.      

To receive a copy of the prospectus, contact Robert Schnitzer, General Partner Managing Director.